Sunday, September 26, 2010

3.3.5 Demonology Warlock Talents, Glyph Choices, and Playstyle

The average demonology spec for 3.3.5 generally leaves you with 1 point less than you would like to spend, the 0/56/15 spec is optimal in virtually any gear set. The 15 points into the destruction tree are absolutely 100% necessary. The 56 points spent in the demonology tree spent the way I did below provide for the possible amount of DPS. The only talent left with 1 talent point missing is Improved Demonic Tactics. Not having this talented is 10% less crit rating for your felguard. This is ok because virtually all the other talent points spent in that tier and below provide significantly more DPS Than that particular talent that is the reason it is only 2/3, had warlocks had 1 more free point it would probably go there.

Here are the optimal talents for 3.3.5:

This spec is good for fights with not a lot of movement and with bosses with high health and not a lot of adds. This is because the execute starts at 35% and is extremely powerful. 
Fights in ICC that this spec is good for: Deathbringer Saurfang, Festergut, Blood Queen Lana'thel, Blood Prince Council, and The Lich King.
The spec above has got the 3 top glyph choices for demonology.
Glyph of Quick Decay is not so much for the damage from corruption, but to increase the frequency of getting the molten core proc. This is especially beneficial during the execute when this can potentially rack up to a fairly high amount of extra damage.
Glyph of Felguard, this is nothing more than a pet DPS boost, it increases your Felguard's AP by 20% which is a fairly high amount and amounts to a moderate DPS increase.
Glyph of Life Tap, as always this glyph is good because our main nuke for the majority of the fight is shadow bolt which has a fatty mana cost so you will be going Out of mana fairly quickly if you aren't life tapping constantly, so if you're life tapping to get mana back it's a good idea to get some Spellpower out of it.

Demonology is very different in playstyle versus Destruction or Affliction. This spec has a proc which should be reacted to everytime you get it, and buttons to hit every single cooldown.
Since it's a bit more complicated than either spec i'll go over everything so it is easiest to practice and get used to it.
The two things you have on the boss at all times are immolate, and corruption. Those need to be up 100% of the time. You need to be hitting demonic empowerment every single cooldown, it does not use a GCD but you can't be casting anything when you press it, so when you are applying your DoTs is the optimal time to press this button. Once your two DoTs immolate and corruption are up, you start spamming Shadow Bolt, make sure to watch your mana, it gets drained very quickly. The two other things to watch our for are Molten Core and Decimation.
If you get molten core without decimation, you bang out 3 incinerates consecutively.
If you have just decimation, or decimation and molten core, you Soul Fire. Soul Fire is your execute nuke, once you have Decimation, do nothing but maintain Immolate and Corruption, and spam the heck out of Soul Fire. 
The last thing demonology locks need to watch for is Metamorphosis, this is our main DPS increasing cooldown and should be used to maximize DPS as often as possible,  the best scenario is to time this with Bloodlust/Heroism and with your execute. And as with any other warlock spec, be sure to not clip your DoTs and let every tick fall off.
Your rotation should look something like this:
Immolate - Corruption, Shadowbolt spam (if MC procs) - 3 incinerates, target hits 35% and you get Decimation > Soul Fire Spam.

My PTR experiences will be posted fairly soon, as well as a script that I use running an outside program that will help increase your DPS and that should be used by every caster.

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