Monday, September 27, 2010

Demonology in Cataclysm:

So i've been playing in the 4.0 PTR for a while and i've come up with a pretty decent single target and AOE rotation, i'll share them with you today. As well as the spec that I used. Unfortunately there is a lot of chaos in 4.0 with random invasions and things like the auctioneers and training dummies being removed at random times, so being able to find a glyph is virtually impossible. I only had the ones that existed in 3.3.5 when I copied my main over. In 3.3.5 I was doing right about 7k single target DPS on the boss dummy, it has been significantly increased here in 4.0

First, here is the spec that I used:

I created this spec myself from what I thought would produce the highest net DPS. I don't haven't done any math on these talents but i'm pretty sure this is going to be the 4.0 raiding spec once Cataclysm is released. I'll wait to see what some other Theorycrafters such as Elitist Jerks might say before I make my any decision. (Remember i'm only level 80 not 85 So I wasn't able to spend all the talent points that I wanted).
Like I mentioned earlier, the PTR is complete chaos and finding any item, whether it be a glyph or a gem is virtually impossible, especially because people are all given 5k gold for making a premade character so there is price distortion like crazy.
The two glyphs that I had were the Life Tap glyph:

The .5 sec taken from the cooldown is a nice time saver when doing your rotation, but to be completely honest, the PTR has about 300ms of lag for me, so I barely get to take advantage of the difference.
The second glyph that copied over from 3.3.5 was:

The 5% extra damage given to Legion Strike is a fairly nice damage boost, especially since your Felguard's damage already scales with your gear.

The rotation that I created seems to be a bit complex, but once you practice for a while you get used to it.
100% uptime - Immolate, Bane of Doom, Curse of Elements (if not already provided)
Fillers - Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, Soul Fire
Cooldowns - Summon Infernal (AoE preferred), Summon Doomguard (Single Target preferred), Soulburn. Soulburn is the CD you've been hearing so much about. Basically, it has 2 uses in PvE.
Soulburn use #1: DPS increase Instant SoulFire
Soulburn use #2 Pet Dies: Instant summon.
I use the instant SoulFires when I have a spell power proc, either my heroic phylactery, or my heroic DFO stacked up to 9 or 10.
Both summoned Infernal/Doomguard, share the same 10minute cooldown, and essentially can only be used once per encounter. 
So what I was doing on the dummies was:
Immolate - Bane of Doom - Curse of Elements, shadow bolt spam until either immolate falls off, or Molten Core procs, Use Hand of Gul'Dan every single time it falls from Cooldown and use it to make sure immolate doesn't fall off your target, if MC procs, just slam out 3 incinerates as you normally would. 
Below is the result (unfortunately, I wasn't able to copy a lot of addons over that I would have liked, such as Power Auras or anything similar) However, I was able to get recount to work on the PTR, below is the DPS  that I was able to get over like 9 minutes or so of testing non stop. I'll post my comments with each Screenshot.

I was able to get about 9.6k dps sustained for about 9 minutes, I peaked at around 10.5k when I had my Doomguard.
If you notice the Shadow Bolt Damage has a pretty high crit %age now, it used to be about 7% lower than that with full 25man raid buffs, so this is definitely a nice change. Also take note, that it is ~50% of my total damage, so putting that last point into Bane will be a nice DPS increase.

Just like Shadow Bolt, Incinerate's crit %age jumped about 7% from 3.3.5. However being #2 on the list and it only provides 15% of my overall damage done. (Remember Incinerate is only used on Molten Core Procs).

Immolate, our main DoT ability is the same as before and the damage vs 3.3.5 is just about the same, not much to say here.

Probably my favorite ability, Hand of Gul'Dan, has a black hole type effect and lasts for about 5 seconds. If you notice, its crit chance isn't as high as some of the other talents but even without being a crit, it is hitting around 10k per blast and 20k per crit which is nice. Remember, this ability refreshes immolate (Creamation) and has a 12 second cooldown.

Bane of Doom, it's essentially what Curse of Doom was except it has no cooldown. 21 ticks over 9 or so minutes isn't bad at all. makes up a small portion of overall damage and has 40% crit chance (with my gear of course).

I wasn't able to get the boss dummy below 35% HP because it just stays at 100% hp the entire time now. But I tested out Soulburn which made the SoulFire instant cast, so this damage, isn't execute style damage, just regular.

These is my gear and spell stats page, mostly 277s, and some i264 tier 10 pieces.

I hope this can shed some light for some of you guys on the chaotic mess that is patch 4.0. If you guys have any questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments section.
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