Saturday, October 9, 2010

Warlocks' Role in Cataclysm Heroics

I've recently been playing in Beta as a premade level 85 Warlock and everything deals such insane amounts of damage that CC is absolutely necessary. I got grouped 2 warrior DPS and a paladin tank and priest healer, and the CC we had was incredibly limited. The warriors said they had absolutely nothing, the paladin only had his HoJ and the priest healer only had the psychic scream and that would make adds run around and aggro more mobs. So I was the only one with a reliable CC. FEAR. Luckily, There is a glyph now that causes the target to stand in place and tremble instead of run around. So I glyphed for it, and it was a Major Glyph not a Prime Glyph so it wasn't a DPS loss in anyway, but truthfully speaking, I would have taken a DPS loss because of the insane damage that the trash mobs deal. The heroic I found the most difficult was not heroic Deadmines, or ShadowFang Keep which have been completely reworked and are very fun and challenging. I found that Heroic: Stonecore was by far the most difficult. Each 5man now heavily relies on CC, interrupts and doing things the right way just like the Original WoW was intended. It is really difficult managing CC targets and interrupts without any addons, which BETA doesn't allow. And to be honest, the majority of people aren't used to the changes and aren't used to CC'ing anything or knowing how to interrupt. My main point is that Glyph of Fear is almost a must have for our CC and know that Fear breaks early so make sure you notice when it breaks and reapply it, otherwise the add will come straight for you and 2 shot you. I'll be posting screenshots on Monday my main computer is in the shop getting worked on.

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  1. 2 Laptop for School and my big PC which I use for stuff like this

  2. I'm glad they came out with that glyph so warlock CC is viable in instances.